Mothering Thru Melanoma

My walk through the scary world of cancer while caring for my family.

So very tired… October 27, 2010

Filed under: Breastfeeding — mamabeaumo @ 11:49 am

It’s funny how one night you can be a pumping maniac and the next, so tired you can’t find the energy to drag yourself TO bed.  I did not get all the pumping done that I wanted to last night. All day my left leg had been bothering me and it just continued to get worse as the day went on.  Add on top of that how very tired I was and you can see it wasn’t going to be a productive night.

By 8:30p, I had called it quits.  Bubba woke at 11:30p, nursed and went back to bed.  At 2a, he decided he was hungry again and began to call out.  I woke my husband who graciously agreed to try to get him to settle back down.  Well, as soon as Bubba realized it wasn’t me, he really began to cry.  I got up, went to the kitchen and made a bottle of formula for him in hopes that it would carry him through the rest of the night.  I truly believe that my breast milk just is not enough for him anymore.  He is a very big boy for the 11 months he is and I know he loves trying all sorts of new solids.  Maybe he’ll begin to wean himself as the weeks to my surgery pass.

My little love slept until 5:30a and then was up for the day!  I guess he was just so excited for his Halloween Parade at school.   Too cute!


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