Mothering Thru Melanoma

My walk through the scary world of cancer while caring for my family.

Daylight Savings Sucks!! November 7, 2010

Filed under: Breastfeeding — mamabeaumo @ 7:34 pm

Well, Saturday started off fairly well.  With the help of an Ativan, I made it through the MRI without having to stop once.  Very proud. When we returned to pick up the kids, I discovered that Bubba has officially become a walker!  21 days before his first birthday and he’s off like a shot.  So proud!

I figured nothing could ruin such a perfect day…enter Daylight Savings time!  I usually love to “fall back” but it sooooooooo back fired with Bubba.  High on his new walking skills, he was up most of the night.  We’d get him down after an hour of rocking and pacing and not even a half hour later he was up again.  This continued through the night.

I also had to pump and dump and continue to do so until 10a tomorrow which is heartbreaking. I know if I could have just nursed him, the night would not have been so bad. Thank goodness, I can nurse again tomorrow!  I have had to dump close to 40 oz of breast milk down the drain and it doesn’t get any easier.  Not to mention the pained look on Bubba’s face when I give him a bottle instead of putting him to my breast.  I can’t believe that I will basically have to give it up altogether in just over a week.  😦  Makes me so very sad.


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