Mothering Thru Melanoma

My walk through the scary world of cancer while caring for my family.

T-2 days and Counting… November 15, 2010

Filed under: Breastfeeding — mamabeaumo @ 1:37 pm

Well, the countdown has begun to my surgery day.  I am feeling pretty positive about it so far.  I was a little concerned this weekend as Bubba has been a little congested and was constantly coughing right in my face. My throat started to get scratchy on Friday night but of course I had way too much to do to get ready for being out of commission so I just dismissed it (as mom’s always do!)  By Sunday morning, I had to wake hubby to get Bubba back to bed at 5:30a as my throat was on absolute fire!  Fortunately, some sleep and Tylenol seemed to help.  Hopefully it will be all better come Wednesday or they may reschedule my surgery and I soooooooooooo don’t want that!!

I have been nursing Bubba on-demand for the most part since I don’t know if this will just about the end of our nursing experience or not.  I hope that my margins and lymph nodes come back clear and this is the end of our current Melanoma issue.  If treatment is needed then our nursing comes to an end when that begins.  I will be very very sad and I know Bubba will have a hard time, mostly at night.

This has been a continuous personal  debate since my diagnosis.  I keep finding reasons to extend breastfeeding and hopefully a clean bill of health will give me another!


2 Responses to “T-2 days and Counting…”

  1. Linda Says:

    good luck

  2. Gigi Says:

    Your writing contributes so much to others!

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