Mothering Thru Melanoma

My walk through the scary world of cancer while caring for my family.

Not another one!?! December 10, 2010

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Well, I have to go back to Boston earlier than planned.  I have discovered another very strange looking mole on my side.  It is still quite small but raised and starting to scale.  The Melanoma Center at MGH wanted to book me an appointment for today but I just couldn’t get the time off, having to take time off on Wednesday and Thursday for the boys.  So, I will head up next Friday the 17th.  Hopefully, they will take it off, send it to Pathology and it will come back clear and we can focus on preventative measures.  The thought of another surgery so soon does not really appeal to me.

Bubba and I are still dealing with some supply issues but I have decided to try and wean some of the daytime feedings in preparation for treatment.  I was hoping to wean him onto coconut milk instead of cow’s milk but the store we visited last night didn’t have any in stock.  This weekend I will have to make a trip to Trader Joe’s and see if they have some.  This morning Bubba had some oatmeal for breakfast and seemed to do really well.  I gave him a sippy of part formula, part organic milk but he played with it more than drinking it.  I guess these things take time.  Hopefully he will take to the coconut milk a little quicker since it has a sweeter taste.  I never liked cow’s milk as a kid and I still find it very strange to drink the milk that belongs to another creature’s baby.  I would love to be able to keep the night feedings as long as he still needs them but I’m not sure how my supply is gonna hold up.  I am also continuing to pump at least twice while at work so he will have breast milk for the next day at school.  I am hoping I will get another month or so to be able to breastfeed but think I am finally emotionally ready to stop if I have to without feeling too guilty.


Stomach bugs and Pathology Results December 3, 2010

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Well, to top off a bad day with a horrendous period, I got a phone call from Bubba’s school that one little friend had been sent home with a stomach bug and that my little one had thrown up all of his lunch.  I left work, picked him up and we snuggled the rest of the day.  Between changing horribly nasty diapers and awful cramping, we managed some real quality time.  Fortunately, he seemed to do well after a bottle of Pedialyte…went off to bed and didn’t wake until 3:30a when he just wanted a quick nurse and then back to bed until 6:20a.  Not bad!

We headed to Boston at 8:30a this morning and arrived at the Surgeon’s office where we sat and waited for a half hour.  First we met with a PA who looked at my excision and incision and then asked if I had received my pathology results.  Um, no! I was told I had to come in to get those hence our driving two hours for a 15 minute appointment.  Normally that sort of thing wouldn’t bother me but my period is really doing a number on me.  She then told us that my lymph nodes did not show any cancer!  Yippee!!  I was so excited…thinking how great it was that this whole ordeal was over.  First, hubby brought me to back to reality when I happily said, “Yeah! No treatments!!”  He says, “Well, she didn’t say that.”  Gee, thanks, babe!

Dr. Tanabe, my surgeon, then came in and was very happy to see how well I was healing.  I figured he was gonna say that I needed to come back on 3 months and to have a happy holiday.  Nope!  He proceeded to go over my path results and then pointed out that none of the tests that I had gone through, including the surgery, could 100% rule out that there wasn’t cancer lurking somewhere, hidden from sight.  What a buzzkill!  He then said that because of the thickness of the melanoma that was removed, my chances for recurrence were high.  I braced myself cause I knew what was coming…a visit to the Oncologist.  Yep, as soon as possible too!  He felt that I need to meet with the oncologist within the next few weeks to discuss my options in order to less the odds of recurrence.  With that, the appointment ended. 

So, we’re headed back to Boston on the 28th to meet with Dr. Lawrence in Oncology and I assume weigh my options of treatment.  From my reading, I would assume radiation would be recommended since chemotherapy is not considered a good option for melanoma and immunotherapy is, I believe, only used in Stage III and Stage IV cases.  I could be completely off-base but we’ll find out after Christmas.


Return to fertility! Ugh!! December 2, 2010

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Well, I knew it had to come to an end sometime…my period has returned full-force!  After two years without, due to pregnancy and breastfeeding, I am a little sad to have it come back.  I wonder if I hadn’t had to stop breastfeeding for four days after my surgery if it would have stayed away even longer?  Hopefully it’s return will not hinder my attempts to up my supply.  I had read that some women experience a dip in supply during menses.  I can’t afford that right now if I have any hope of recovering.  Bubba is so happy to be back at the breast!  He giggles and comes running when I ask if he would like to nurse…too gosh darn cute!

Now I need to figure out what I will do in terms of making sure that we don’t become pregnant again as those days have passed for me.  I had a Mirena IUC pre-Bubba and loved it but am not sure how comfortable I am about doing something like that with a medical diagnosis.  Not that I have read anything that say you shouldn’t use birth control with cancer but I am one of those “What if this caused this?” sort of people.  I have practiced Fertility Awareness since 2002 and will most likely go back to it but I really did enjoy not having a period while on the Mirena.  Ugh, decisions, decisions!

Tomorrow we head to Boston for my pathology results.  I really hope that they will tell me that my nodes are clear and they got all the bad tissue from my excision and that no further treatment is necessary.  Can it be that easy??