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Has it been a year already? January 30, 2013

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Wow, hard to believe a little over a year ago I gave myself my last Interferon shot!  I do not miss those days whatsoever!!

The past year has been one of letting my body get itself back into working order. My skin is still super sensitive but I seem to have been blessed with some fabulous immuno waves (my version of chemo curls) that are just absolutely out of control.  It is amazing the changes that take place during and after treatment.

Unfortunately, I cannot quite blame treatment for the wonderful hot flashes that are waking me every few nights and leaving me laying in a sweaty mess!!  Yuck!! So not a nice feeling.  I wish I could say for certain that this is just another way of my body reclaiming its healing abilities but I tend to think I have just hit that age where the “change” is fast approaching. Let’s face it,  I was of “advanced maternal age” upon Buggy’s arrival on Earth and I certainly ain’t getting any younger! LOL

I have a CT Scan coming up in a little over a week to follow up on a lump that has mysteriously appeared on my right lung (discovered during my one year PET Scan).  I am hoping that this is just scar tissue caused by the on-going bronchitis I have had since beginning treatment.  The nice thing about having to go to Boston for a short scan is that the family can come and we’ll spend the day at the Museum of Science!