Mothering Thru Melanoma

My walk through the scary world of cancer while caring for my family.

Glossary November 1, 2010

This will be an on-going project as I stumble upon medical terms that I just don’t understand and those that I think others may benefit from whether breastfeeding lingo, etc.

Ativan – Lorazepam is used to relieve anxiety. Lorazepam is in a class of medications called benzodiazepines. It works by slowing activity in the brain to allow for relaxation.  Read more at PubMEd Health.

CT Scan – A computed tomography (CT) scan uses X-rays to make detailed pictures of structures inside of the body.  Read more at WebMD.

Gadolinium – MRI contrast agent occassionally indicated for an imaging study in a woman who is breastfeeding.  Read more at

Melanoma – Melanoma is the most serious form of skin cancer. If it is recognized and treated early, it is almost always curable, but if it is not, the cancer can advance and spread to other parts of the body, where it becomes hard to treat and can be fatal.  Read more at The Skin Cancer Foundation.

MRI – Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is a noninvasive medical test that helps physicians diagnose and treat medical conditions.  Read more at