Mothering Thru Melanoma

My walk through the scary world of cancer while caring for my family.

Within 2 months, it’s in my brain! May 18, 2013

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I had an unremarkable brain…until 2 months later when it had over 20+ spots of melanoma. My IL-2 was cancelled and radiation and Yervoy became the new “to do”. I have 2 more whole brain radiation episodes left and can’t wait to get off the steroids!! My 2nd round of IPI is on Tuesday with those finishing off in July. Here’s hoping.

At this point, my hair is just about out and I am done looking “sick”! I preferred the tiredness of the interferon but still feeling like me. I hate people staring at me!

Tomorrow we have our Glenna Kohl Piggy Trot and I am psyched!!


And the monster returns with a vegence! April 11, 2013

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Well, my one year post-Interferon PET did not yield the positive results we were hoping for.  My melanoma has now spread to my lungs.  Stage IV!  Wow!  How incredibly unbelievable to hear those words out loud.

I am recovering from a wedge resection on my right lobe and prepping to begin Interleukin-2 in May.  The next few weeks will be spent with my boys having fun and making memories.  I am going to try to chronicle my journey with IL-2 but who knows what sort of condition I will be in.  I will do my best!


Just keeps getting better! April 19, 2012

Every day further from Interferon, the better it is.  My hair and skin are definitely showing improvement.  I still have some autoimmune issues but not nearly as bad as before.  I have much more energy to play with the boys and get stuff done.

Buggy is on school vacation this week and has been hanging out with Dad.  Bubba just got over walking pneumonia and has returned to daycare.

We are very involved in many different causes right now. I think I need to be careful about overbooking myself. LOL  Today is National High Five Day and Buggy collected 55+ high fives on my college campus to help raise awareness and funds for cancer research.

On Monday, April 23rd, I will be a Giver for World Book Night! I am so excited about this as it is always a thrill to get people into reading!!  Reading opens worlds and doors and everyone should know that joy!!

In May, it appears I definitely overbooked myself!!  We have two walks going on… The 3rd Annual Glenna Kohl Fund for Hope Piggy Trot to raise awareness and money for melanoma research and The Great Strides Walk in memory of my good friend’s niece, Bethany.  Both of these events are taking place on Sunday, May 20th.  I have not quite figured out how to manage both but we’ll take it as it comes.  It seems that I have nominated myself to take part in every charitable event possible this year!!  Not a bad thing, right?


More fun! March 13, 2012

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I have been fighting a cold since this weekend. It seems it either came from Buggy or has jumped to him. We are home today with swollen tonsils. I figured my immune system would have worked itself out by now but I guess it’s gonna take a bit longer.



What a week! July 17, 2011

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Bubba was sick all week with a really nasty cold and a fever that wouldn’t break. He was waking up every 20/30 mins every night so sleep was not good for either of us. Fortunately, he is doing much better. Still congested but doing well.

I had the beginnings of a UTI which has gone from uncomfie to downright painful. I am trying to hold on til Tuesday when I have my monthly oncology visit. I had no clue that when you have melanoma, UTI’s can be a sign of a spread if normal treatment does not work. Really hoping that it’s just because the interferon is messing with my immune system and not a spread. Tuesday can’t come soon enough.

Other than that, we’ve had a pretty good start to the summer. Lots of fun…camp and keyboard club for Buggy and school two days a week for Bubba just to keep the routine. Bubba is now sleeping in a big boy bed and occasionally using the potty! He’s getting so big! Excited to see whatthe rest of the summer has in store.


On a Treatment Hold May 27, 2011

Well, my WBC dropped from 2.3 to 1.8 so, against my will, they have placed me on a hold. I will re-take my blood test on Weds. and hopefully my numbers will come up and stay up. If not, they will possibly reduce my dose and suggest stopping treatment altogether. I am not comfortable stopping so…fingers crossed!


The boys and I walked the 2011 Piggy Trot 5k to help raise awareness of melanoma. It is run by the Glenna Kohl Fund for Hope. It was a great event! Buggy actually crossed the finish line before the rest of us. So proud of him!!


Pump and Dump…sooo sad! October 30, 2010

I had my scans today…4 altogether: pelvis, abdomen, chest and head. I had to drink two bottles of mochaccino flavored yuckiness and then had the contrast dye. Such fun!

Tonight was the first time I had to pump and dump and boy is it hard to watch that liquid gold go down the drain. 😦 Bubba is doing ok but I think tonight is gonna be real hard for him.

On the bright side, they have changed the breastfeeding policy from 48 hours to only 24 hours so tomorrow night I should be able to return to nursing my sweet boy to sleep. Now we just sit and wait and hope the scans come back clear. Then we count down to the 17th and my surgery and hope that my sentinel node biopsy comes back clean too!